​How do you find a competent counselor/therapist who will truly integrate his/her faith into the counseling process? 


Not everyone who claims to be a "Christian counselor or therapist" provides therapy from a biblical framework. And even if they do, how do you know if they have the training and experience to deal with your particular situation?

There is a significant difference between a Christian or Biblical counselor/therapist and a counselor who happens to be a Christian. Some counselors even use the term Christian to market their practices.

Here are some things to consider before choosing a counselor/therapist:

1) You have options: pastoral counselors, lay counselors or licensed professionals? All have different qualifications. Not all are qualified to deal with your particular situation.

2) Does the counselor accept insurance payment and is he/she accepted by your insurance? Is there a sliding scale based on ability to pay? Does your church assist people who need counseling?

3) Is there a pastor or friend who can recommend this counselor? It’s good to have referral.

4) What kind of licensure or certification does the counselor/therapist have?

5) What training and experience does the counselor have in dealing with your specific issue?

Some counselors/therapists offer a free consultation session. This can be a great way to know if the therapist is a good “fit” for you. You may want to call and talk directly to the therapist before scheduling an appointment. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • What is your general approach to counseling?
  •           Do you believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God?
  •           How do you integrate biblical truths into your counseling?
  •           What part does prayer and Scripture play in the way that you counsel?
  •           Do you pray with clients?

You're making a big investment of your time and money. Therapy will pay dividends to you if you do your homework first. May God bless you as you seek healing and wholeness by His design.

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